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How It Got Started

Nathan Rogers

My name is Nathan Rogers and I am currently a High School Student in Oakland, California. When I'm not writing papers, doing science labs, or crunching algebraic equations, I love to watch sports and share my thoughts with fans alike.

Although I'm just a high school student, sports have always played a vital role in my life. Whether it be providing activity and exercise, learning life lessons, or even meeting new people and creating life-long relationships, sports have consistently been right by my side. 

Along with playing sports, I have developed a passion of writing over my academic career thus far. I've always loved finding new information, analyzing it, and getting my well-written thoughts down for people to read. 

Even though I created this website to work on in my free time, I aim to enhance my writing and media skills to one day bring my developed talent to future opportunities!

Thank you for browsing the 510sports website, and I hope you enjoy. 

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